STUDENT SHORT - Harry, Dick & The Missing Link by Kyle Lockrey

When Kyle Lockrey contacted me about posting his short animation I asked him a couple quick questions to post along with the video, you can find them just below the animation.

Harry,Dick & The Missing Link from kyle lockrey on Vimeo.

GL: Where did you grow up and how did that influence your animation style?  

KL: I grew up in Corunna, Ontario a small town across from the USA. The Town has a lot of weird people and I like to imitate them.

GL: Where did you go to animation school?  Did you enjoy it?  

KL: I graduated at Sheridan College, in the B.A.A Animation Program. I enjoyed the last few years, being able to experiment with style.

GL: Are there any animators or shows in particular that you reference for inspiration?

KL: South Park is a major influence, Mike Judge Cartoons, and my good friend Noam Sussman - who always keeps me inspired and motivated.

GL: What about the story of 'Harry, Dick & The Missing Link' inspired you to invest the time involved with the animation process to tell it?

KL: When it came to 4th year in the Program, we had the freedom to make our own story for our 1 min films. The story took a lot longer than most peoples to develop and I still feel there was a lot more I could have done with it.

GL: The field of adult oriented animation can be particularly brutal, in terms of audience reception and therefor financial success in the genre.  Do you see yourself sticking with it?

KL: Absolutely, I also want to try other genres to stay diverse, however the adult genre just suits my personality and I find that I can express myself and not feel like a “bullshitter”.

GL: And finally, where can people find more of your work?

KL: You can find more work at