TRAILER - Space Missionaries

Space Missionaries is a new series created by M.R. Horhager and produced by Solis Animation. It's decidedly for an adult audience and dives right into the three areas that humourous adult animation is best suited to discuss: race, religion and sex.

You'll also find references to past sci-fi series in the trailer and there is also a Space Missionaries game that you can play by clicking this link.

If you're looking for more info on the series you can also check out these three short promos

Space Missionaries is an animated series created at Solis Animation Inc., a Toronto based animation house. Our studio has a track record of working on funny, edgier content (Wondershowzen, Motorcity, SNL, Ugly Americans), and we wanted to keep that momentum going with our own IP.

Led by M.R.Horhager, our small, but dedicated crew put together a short trailer to give a clear feeling of the look and tone.

So far, we’ve gone the traditional route by showing it around to a few broadcasters but the unconventional adult-religious-science-parody genre is a tough sell.  Now the plan is to find an audience online, garner some support, and fingers crossed, we’ll get the opportunity to see Space Missionaries become a reality.

Lou Solis

Designed and animated in Flash
Backgrounds were painted in Photoshop.
Effects and compositing were done in After Effects