STARLIGHT - Will Canadians support a Canadian feature film channel?

I read about Starlight in the Globe and Mail a little while ago. It's a proposed channel that would be dedicated to showcasing Canadian feature film content. Roughly half of their income, approximately $22 million, would be directed towards producing 8-12 new Canadian feature films each year.  In the feature film world that's not a lot of funding, but if you're an emerging film maker looking for the ability to prove your worth, Starlight could be just the ticket to launching your career. This is because it gives you just enough money to make a decent film, without destroying your health, while also providing a distribution network dedicated to promoting your work.

As Starlight mentions on their website there are also currently 24 animated feature films that could be featured on their channel.

As the costs of producing animation continue to decrease the possibility for more Canadian produced animated feature films is continually on the rise.  Just imagine if you applied to  Starlight for $3.5 million in funding for your animated feature concept and got the go ahead.  That would be it. You wouldn't have to also have to find additional funding and distribution from two other channels/networks located in the United States, France or Britain.

That's the concept. One funding source. One green light. One group of people to work with.

It's a great idea - but this channel can not exist without being approved by the CRTC.  That's the next step. So, if you support this channel, let the CRTC know via the Starlight website:
Click here to send a letter of support via the Starlight website.

Note: It's worth writing a letter because the CRTC will actually listen to you.  After writing a letter against broadcast internet providers hiking internet rates I was approved to testify at the CRTC in support of online distribution via the internet. That's the bonus of being in Canada, if you speak up, you'll be heard.