INSTALLATION (Toronto) - Madi Piller's "7200 frames under the sun"

Madi Piller is a talented animation artist and a tireless promoter of Canadian animation and animators.  She is also the current President of TAIS and a wonderful person. You should check out her multimedia installation at the WARC gallery.  The press release with all the details is below.  Check it out!


WARC Gallery is pleased to present a multimedia installation by Madi Piller.

7200 frames under the sun

madi piller

January 26 – February 23, 2013.

Opening Reception
Saturday, January 26, 2 - 5pm

7200 frames under the sun was created by artist Madi Piller using the aesthetics of a super 8 camera filtered through current HD technology. The artist explores the surface of film to develop a time-based glimpse of the northern Ontario portion of that primeval force of nature, the Canadian Shield, which itself is dramatically time-based considering that it is one of the remaining pieces of the earth’s original crust, dating back over three billion years.

The installation is comprised of two super 8 films, each 50ft, created in camera. One film animates the landscape with methodic incremental movements that flash rapidly changing images, including some of a seasonal nature, such as the flora of northern Ontario. The second film focuses a more lingering lens on outcroppings of solid rock exposing fossil-like imagery and sensual shapes that visually insinuate their primal connection to the advance and retreat of the glaciers that were central to their formation. An intriguing soundtrack of experimental music, composed by John Halfpenny, pulsates throughout with a reverberating fusion of dense electronic tones, including some that bring to mind the sound of whales, which might be interpreted as a reminder that the shield was once completely submerged under ancient waters.

The installation invites visitors into the spotlight, providing a pair of Muskoka chairs to view the two films projected adjacent to each other. A scattering of rock specimens from the shield surrounds the chairs to create an immersive experience. In the final frame of the films, a man swims in one of the picturesque lakes that iconic artists such as the Group of Seven frequented and immortalized as a signature Canadian landscape. 7200 frames under the sun revisits that landscape and through its cinematic richness attracts viewers into an ethereal perception of time and place.

Linda Abrahams

Artist Bio: Madi Piller is a Toronto based filmmaker/animator. Her films have been shown at festivals and art venues across Canada and abroad. Her work has been produced with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the National Film Board of Canada.  She is currently the President of the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS).

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