WEB SERIES - Apollo Gauntlet and Duke of Fancy on Rug Burn

Appolo Gauntlet is a web series produced and animated by Myles Langlois who is from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The humorously crude drawing style, musical numbers, and absurdist plot devices should have you chortling to yourself in no time.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon this series while at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2010.  When I got home from the festival I watched the whole series on the drabekia YouTube Channel before the episodes got pulled to be exclusive to the new Rug Burn YouTube channel.  I can tell you right now - this is a web series to watch.

I tried embedding the Appolo Gauntlet Pilot, but it refused and stubbornly shows Apollo Gauntlet so click here: Appolo Gauntlet - Pilot

The Rug Burn YouTube channel is the brain child of Titmouse and Six Point Harness.  Even if you don't know those animation studios you've likely seen shows they've animated on television and online.  Titmouse is responsible for Metalocalypse and Superjail! while Six Point Harness has garnered acclaim with the web series Dick Figures and Tom Hank's Electric City.  The Rug Burn channel is debuting several auteur driven animation web series such as Apollo Gauntlet.  The other shows on the roster right now are Axe CopDog SnackDuke of FancyGoldbuttSanjourno Must Die, and The Weekend Pilots.