TECH - NFB Blogs about the top 10 technologies to watch

3D Printing Used During Toy Story 3
(Source: NFB Blog/Pop17 YouTube Channel)
While I was perusing the NFB blog this morning I stumbled across a great article written by Catherine Perreault and researched by Stéphane Jolicoeur.  It outlines the top ten technologies that could revolutionize film.  The article has a video for each item that illustrates how that technology is used.

This is the list of items:

1. 3D Printing
2. Arduino Microcontroller (and Makey Makey)
3. Augmented Reality
4. D3 Data Visualization
5. Near Field Communication (NFC)
6. The Make Movement
7. Computer-rendered “Hand-drawn” Graphics
9. Smartpens
10. Pico Projectors

For a full break down of how each one is shaping the creative work in the film industry click here to read the NFB blog post about it.