SOFTWARE - CACANi Animation, An intriguing 2D Animation Program

These example animations are pretty impressive, but with no first hand knowledge of this 2D animation software, I can't say how accurately these test examples represent the product.  The inbetweens shown don't seem to have a lot of snap to them, which is something I look for in action and character sequences, but I can definitely see a huge advantage using this software for subtle slow-mo character and effects segments.  The bottom line is that if CACANi performs just as shown, with no major glitches,  it will definitely provide a serious production increase in 2D anime output.

CACANi Research claims that "With CACAni, animators need only to draw the main keyframes. This means that if the animator creates two or more keyframes, the system will automatically generate as many in-between frames as necessary, creating a smooth and realistic sequence. More than 40% of the time needed for production can be saved with CACANI's proprietary production pipeline, auto in-between and colouring system."

I found out about the CACANi Animation software on the Alien Animation Studios Blog:

For more information on the software and example animations check out the CACANi Animation Facebook Page and the CACANi animation website.

I'd be interested to see how it would perform inbetweening rough pencil tests or water colour based key frames...