SHORT - "Audition Reel" from King Features and Smiley Guy Studios

Audition Reel
Here's a little Christmas piece to add some nostalgia to your Egg Nog from King Features.  Frank Caruso, King’s VP of Creative, wrote and directed the piece while working with folks from Smiley Guy Studios.  Mateusz Garbulinski from Smiley Guy Studios' worked on the animation and Mike Valiquette was a producer on this project.  I'm sure there were also many other talents involved, feel free to post your names and roles in the comments section.  It's a very cool piece and it definitely took me back to days when I'd grab a paper just to read the comics located therein.

Click here to watch King Features Holiday Greeting Audition Reel!

For more info and comments check out Cartoon Brew's post about Audition Reel.

... and speaking of nostalgia for a bygone era - check out the Steve Jobs: Resurrection (iPhone 5 Parody), a Mondo Media hit the folks at Smiley Guy Studios also put together.

Executive Producer: Jonas Diamond
Animation Director: Denny Silverthorne
Producer: Mike Valiquette
Production Manager: Julie Otten
Animation Supervisor: Mateusz Garbulinski
Design Concepts: Aaron Hong
Editor: Denny Silverthorne
Storyboard Artist: Stephanie Ramon
Design Supervisor: Joel Chahal
Design: Stephanie Ramon, Joseph Lague, Peter Habjan
Background Design: Vladimir Kato
Mateusz Garbulinski
Rich Duhaney
Nathan Carey
Kurtis Scott
Craig Schriver
Joseph Lague
Darien Ardell
Visual Effects: Joel Gregorio, Rich Duhaney