INTERVIEWS - G.B. Hajim talks about Strange Frame - Part 1

While I was at WFAC 2012 I conducted an interview with G.B. Hajim, the director of Strange Frame.  He was also a co-writer with Shelley Doty among other roles. To see the full list of credits on the film check out the Strange Frame IMDb Page. Definitely check out the voice cast... there'll be some names you'll recognize.

Strange Frame is a Sci Fi thriller following the lives of two lesbian lovers living five hundred years from now in a post-cataclysmic society where Earth has been abandoned.  The animation style used is a highly evolved form of cut out animation that takes full advantage of the technological benefits provided by using Wacom tablets and Adobe After Effects.

One great thing about seeing an indie adult animated feature, of which there aren't many, is that you generally get a unique story with a pioneering visual style.  That is the benefit of working outside the big studio system - and Strange Frame is no exception to that rule.  One thing to keep in mind while watching however is that there are budget constraints on indie movies so don't go in expecting to see the type of full animation feature you're used to from Pixar and Disney.  This isn't that kind of movie.

Another inspiring point about this film is the story of how it was actually animated.  G.B. decided to animate the film in Hawaii instead of shipping it overseas to a studio in Asia. This meant he had to train local Hawaiian talent as animators and then find the animators that would commit to working on this film for the three to four years it would be in production.  This process started in 2005 when G.B. went around to the local high schools and the community college to look for interested students.  He had forty people go through his internship program and out of that he had eight hard core animators and about five who ended up working full time on the film.

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To get updates on Strange Frame and to find out when it will be released internationally check out the Strange Frame Facebook Page.  If you go there you'll also get to watch an exclusive interview with George Takai on the importance of Sci-Fi.  George Takai is the voice of Tamadamsa in Strange Frame.


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