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The Animated Cartoon Factory
I came across Brian Lemay's site The Animated Cartoon Factory while I was watching testimonial videos from the Animation Portfolio Workshop (APW).  Brian is in one of the APW testimonial videos in his role as an animation instructor at Seneca College talking about the high quality of workmanship shown in the portfolios received from APW students.

The Animated Cartoon Factory is a veritable wealth of animation tutorials and techniques.  Brian also has a tutorial channel on YouTube called the Brain Lemay Channel, which has detailed tutorials on Walk Cycles, Arm Swings, Catepillar Bounces (which is a clever takeoff on the classic bouncing ball animation exercise),  Run Cycles, Weight Lifts, and more.

The Animation School section of Brain Lemay's site is full of great information for animation students and professionals looking to improve their work.

Brian also has animation instructional materials for sale in the form of books and DVDs. I just discovered them now, so I can't talk about them directly, but if they're anything like the videos on YouTube they will be fairly in-depth.

So, this site is my Christmas discovery, enjoy!

Brian Lemay Tutorial - Walk Cycle 1a