HISTORY - John K.'s post about Canadian Character Design

The Canadian Bear
(Source: John Kricfalusi's Blog)
Below you'll find a link to an interesting article by John Kricfalusi, from September of 2008, about how Canadian character design by commercially driven animation studios was developed.

This particular article on the Canadian Style by John doesn't really touch on indie animation and NFB animation.  Some of the picture links on the blog post are missing, which is unfortunate, but enough of the pictures are showing to get a feeling about what John is describing.

The boiled down version is that animation studios wanted to copy Disney's commercial success, but didn't want to get sued, so they took what they believed to be the character design concepts that would produce successful shows by replicating that style.  John argues that in an attempt to reduce the risk of getting sued they took all the appeal out of the characters. He also hints that some of the character designs were based on less appealing shows, which Disney was producing at the time the Canadian studios decided to copy the Disney style. The thought being that... if Disney was doing it it must be right.

It's a very interesting article that includes many pictures John K. has posted to illustrate his arguments. The comments below the article are also highly recommended reading.

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