GAMES - IKEA Monkey Game is live!

ikea monkey game
Click Here to see more Ikea Monkey in-game photos!

That's right folks! The game you didn't even know you were waiting for this Christmas is now available! For Free!!! And it's freak'n awesome. I just played it for two straight hours.

What did I get for all that time and effort spent to win the game you ask? The damn snappy photo you see below with me and the Ikea monkey himself!

ikea monkey game
Ikea Monkey Attacks Old Lady with Poo (Click to Play Game!)
Are you wondering how can you get such a photo for yourself?  Well, you have to get on over to the Ikea Monkey Site, play the game, and build a shelf.  So what are you waiting for?!  Get on over there!  Win the game and snap a picture of yourself with the monkey.  Then email your photo to and it will get posted on the Ikea Monkey Blog.  What more could you ask for on Christmas!?

Heads-up, for a game this awesome, you have to give it a couple minutes to load.  Good things come to those that wait!

Me and the Ikea Monkey - BFFs for Life!!!