CHRISTMAS - Toon Boom Animation Software Sale

We're heading into Christmas and right now Toon Boom Animation has some sweet animation software deals on (up to 40% off) that last until Dec 25, 2012.  If your wondering what to get your animation obsessed partner or as a treat for yourself Toom Boom might just have the right gift waiting for you.

Over the years Toon Boom has made a point of specializing in animation software and using that knowledge to increase the range of animation software tools available to people of all ages and all fields of specialization.  For example, in 2010 they developed an easy to use (and affordable) animation app for the iPad called Flip Boom.  Toon Boom also makes a point of sponsoring animation and animators of all ages, check out the inspiring story of Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest, which was a collaboration between Bill Plympton and Perry Chen (who was 10yrs old at the time).

While developing tools for up-and-coming animators and enthusiasts Toon Boom has also been expanding the scope of what their professional line up of animation software can do.  While doing that they have worked with big animation powerhouses like Disney (The Princess and the Frog) as well as indie animator's like John Kricfalusi, who is currently using Toom Boom Animate to craft his latest project, Cans Without Labels.

I've personally tested out almost all the various incarnations of Toon Boom over the years and have spent this year experimenting with rotoscoping while using the textured vector based drawing tools in Harmony.  It's a lot of fun and maybe I'll have something to show for it in a couple years.

Anyway, that's enough rambling, but I also wanted to mention that this site is an approved as a Toon Boom affiliate site.  So if you decide to purchase one of the Toon Boom flavours, after following the links below, you'll actually be giving three gifts this Christmas; one to Toon Boom, one to your chosen recipient, and one in the form of a percentage of that sale... to this site!  How great is that!  A three-for-one Christmas gift deal!  Santa would approve.

P.S. Toon Boom also provides manuals and online tutorials needed to learn their software as well as free educational versions of Animate and Animate Pro. Click here for Animate, Animate Pro, Harmony, and Storyboard Tutorials.