ANIMATORS - Justin Nieuwland

Justin Nieuwland
I met Justin Nieuwland while I was taking pictures at VAIP 2012, which was co-hosted by TAAFI, CASO, and SoHo VFX.   If you're not aware of Justin's work you should definitely check it out - and the first thing on that list should be Hey Bully, which is an animated music video he was commissioned to make for the Canadian band Lake of Stew.  It came out last year and it harkens back to the days of rubber hose animation.

The music video had a talented crew working on it and the full list of credits for the animation are listed at the bottom of this post.

For a special treat check out the Hey Bully leica reel below and see a part of the process of how an animation like this is made.


Justin Nieuwland, Writer, Director, Animator, Editor

Ian Westoby, Backgrounds

Andrew Holland, Animator

Bianca Siercke, Animator

Jamie Gallant, Animator

Jeremy Donovan, Animator

James Walsh, Lip synch keys

Joe Achorn, Animator

Philippe Tardif, Animator

Scott McDonald, Animator

Lake of Stew, Band

Julia Narveson, Composer

Brad Levia, Musician

Daniel McKell, Musician

Dina Cindric, Musician

Julia Narveson, Musician

Mike Rigby, Musician

Richard Rigby, Musician

David Valiquette, Producer

Dare to Care Records, Production Company