CALL FOR ENTRIES - The Bang Awards

The Bang Awards are now open for submissions.

The deadline for entries is December 31, 2013.

Click here for a full list of the Bang Awards rules and Regulations.

The BANG Awards (International Film Animation Competition) are a Luso-Brazilian production, rewarding the creativity of participants and establishing an online discussion and exhibition forum which offers the best of this ever-changing cinematographic genre.

This is a dynamic competition, aimed at the latest technologies and towards a public immersed in the digital arts, multimedia, illustration and film animation. Making best use of its online platform, BANG can reach all users and be watched on any screen anywhere in the world.

In this edition, CrossWorlds, the BANG Awards pay homage to the connections that have always existed between different peoples. It has been honoured with the patronage of the President of the Republic of Portugal and by its inclusion in the celebrations commemorating both the “Year of Portugal” in Brazil and the “Year of Brazil” in Portugal in 2012/13. To this end, an Institutional Partnership has been set up between Portugal and Brazil, namely between the cities of Torres Vedras and Ouro Preto, with the aim of co-producing this edition of the BANG Awards.

We are particularly pleased to be able to welcome John Malkovich as President of the Jury. His eclectic personality marries perfectly with the BANG Awards’ objective of promoting digital creativity and inclusion in communities throughout the world, thus bringing together artists and audiences in new ways via film animation.

Technological, historical and artistic originality and knowledge will be the key criteria used in judging the competing films.

Everything has come together to make this a truly great competition, firmly establishing the BANG Awards as an internationally renowned event in the digital arts and communication multimedia calendar.

Refine your message. Enter your film. Vote. Share…. Take part in this voyage of global discovery.

The work entered for BANG should be based on one of the following themes: “CrossWorlds”
or “Open theme”.

Entries for the category: “CrossWorlds” must include references to, mentions of or
personalities linked to the story and / or cultures of different peoples who, by working
together, overcame hardships and resolved issues arising from the challenges facing them
and managed to construct their own ways of life (see supporting material on the website).

Entries for the “Open” category, as is evident from the name, give the participant the freedom
to create and present work based on any subject matter.

Participants can enter for both categories, with a maximum of two entries in each.
Participants may enter as individuals or as part of a group.

Participants should send original work, authored by them, created since 2011. This includes
entries in the Open category.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older. If not, their entries will be disqualified.

Media Content Source: Official Bang-Awards Website