BREAKING NEWS - Ikea Monkey Shirt and Game Now Available!

ikea monkey shirt
Ikea Monkey Shirt
The infamous IKEA monkey, Darwin, has inspired a group of Toronto artists to not only design a T-Shirt... but to delve into producing an actual arcade style video game based on his real life story!  It's an educational game designed around the concept that other primates will now also desire to visit IKEA, this concept is of course a derivative of Giacomo Rizzolatti's discovery of mirror neurons in Monkeys, which are the equivalent of the "Monkey see, monkey do" gene.

These primates will need a tool to prepare them for the obvious pitfalls that Darwin faced, and subsequently fell victim to.  You know...  runaway shopping carts, automobiles, and rabidly buff Canadian lumberjacks.  Click here to see the concept art for the challenges, obstacles and rewards of the IKEA Monkey Game.

I give it a couple weeks before Scholastic picks this one up to take to elementary book fairs, thus making the creators as well-heeled as Jeff Smith.

Click here to try out the hilarious Ikea Monkey Game and subscribe to the Ikea Monkey Blog for any future Ikea Monkey Updates. Oh, and while you're at it buy the IKEA MONKEY T-SHIRT to support the crazy bunch of creative folks that put this project together.  The shirt will make the perfect gift for anyone that loves memes and Christmas.

ikea monkey game
Here's to Darwin, his story, and the creative inspiration his story has provided to everyone around the world.