ANIMATORS - David Stodolny - The Games of Hunger

David Stodolny recently posted his animated parody The Games of Hunger to Youtube.  It's a tour-de-force 2D short that spoofs the hyper popular Hunger Games movie that came out this year (2012).

David is from Brampton, Ontario and studied at Sheridan College in their Classical Animation Program.  He moved to Los Angeles to work for Sony Pictures Imageworks and is currently working for Dreamworks.  You can read David's full bio on his blog, The Art of Stodoe.

A really cool additional feature that David has provided is in the form of three "Making Of" videos he has posted to his YouTube Account to show how this animation was created.  They are a great resource for anyone trying to figure out how much work and dedication is required to produce a high end classically animated 2D film.  You will find them embedded further down on this post.

Making THE GAMES OF HUNGER: Part 1 (from concept to backgrounds)

Making THE GAMES OF HUNGER: Part 2 (from animation to fx)

Making THE GAMES OF HUNGER: Part 3 (from sound fx to score)