INTERVIEWS - Michael Fukushima, Part 1 - Interviewed by Michael Valiquette

The 2012 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival held an event in honour of Michael Fukushima, a veteran NFB animation producer, titled "The Art of Making Art".

While Michael was in town we teamed up with Mike Valiquette, from Canadian Animation 
Resources, to do an interview with him.

This is the first part of that interview.  Click here to watch the second part of the interview.

This interview was arranged in collaboration with the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, the NFB, TAAFI, and Canadian Animation Resources.


Michael Fukushima and Mike Valiquette for participating.

Jennifer Mair (NFB Publiscist) for arranging for the interview and booking us a room at the NFB in Toronto.

Meghan Parnell (V Kelly & Associates) for accommodating the interview in relation to Michael's schedule at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.

Jesse Zavitz for being the camera assist.


This video was shot and produced by Grayden Laing for Canadian Animation