TIPS - John Kricfalusi's "Can's Without Labels" Production Blog

John Kricfalusi has started up a production for his new animated film "Can's Without Labels", which was funded through a Kickstarter Campaign.

John put a call out for Toon Boom inkers on the page and now he has started publishing examples of how he would like the inkers working for him to better replicate his style of inking.  Below is a screen capture image from his blog that shows an inking that he's not quite happy with.  On the blog he has been posting educational tips, like the image at the bottom of the page, on how each section of this drawing can be inked to match his style.  Check out the Can's Without Labels Production Blog to see more. It's pretty cool stuff.

Inked example John K is using to instruct the animators working for him.  Check out the Production Blog to see how John feels
this drawing can be improved.  
(Source: John Kricfalusi Production Blog for "Can's Without Labels")
John K's example of how to ink a head. Check out the Production Blog to see John's other tips.
(Source: John Kricfalusi Production Blog for "Can's Without Labels")