FESTIVALS - WFAC 2012, Day 3

Alright this Saturday morning started off with an animated bang.  The Anime Mirai: The Future of Animation screening was fantastic.  There were four films screened that were selected by the Japan Animation Creators Association (JaniCa) under the patronage of the Agency for Cultural Affairs for the purpose of training young animators on the job.

The four films screened were:
Juju the Weightless Dugong | Kawamata Hiroshi | The Answerstudio
A workaholic father repeatedly breaks his promise to take his 5-year-old daughter to the sea, until an inflatable dugong undertakes the task instead. 
Pretending Not to See | Miyashita Shinpei | Shirogumi
A 6th grader learns that bullying other kids is as bad as letting it happen, and needs to find the heart to react despite the consequences. 
Li’l Spider Girl | Kaiya Toshihisa | Production I.G.
An antiquarian meets with a scared, eight-legged spider girl, and she’s the sweetest thing in the world… or not? 
Buta | Tomonaga Kazuhide | Telecom Animation Film
A broke swordsman-for-hire accepts a job to pay the tavern’s bill, only to find himself involved with a pirate ship, a young kid with a map, and a mad scientist.
             (Source: WFAC 2012 Website )

I think Pretending Not to See should be screened in every school across the world.  It's a perfect portrait of how bullying can transform a school into hell on earth.  The point of view is mostly from one of the students who stands silently by out of fear of becoming a target himself, while another student is being bullied. The film also manages to show that bullies may be acting the way they are because that's how others have or are treating them.  The artful drawings and animation in the piece are also a pleasure to watch as textures of the drawings come to life and during scenes of high emotion the drawings become increasingly expressionistic.