EVENTS - Hello Amiga Gallery Opening & Panel Discussion

Tomorrow night, Nov 15, will be the Gallery Opening for the Hello Amiga Animation Project that was commissioned by TAIS and which will be presented in partnership with Trinity Square Video in Toronto.  What's also exciting is the artist's panel discussion that is happening on Friday, Nov 16, which will have all six animation artists in attendance.

The Nov 15th Gallery opening will be held at Trinity Square Video (376-401 Richomond St. West, Toronto) from 7-10pm.

Daniel Barrow, Barry Doupé, Alex McLeod, Lorna Mills, Mark Pellegrino, Amy Lockhart.

(Source: Hello Amiga Website)

        Hello Amiga Animation Project Description

The Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) will present in partnership with Trinity Square Video (TSV), a special and unique animation project titled Hello Amiga. The Toronto Animated Image Society acquired donated AMIGA equipment in the early years of the organization. This discarded top of the line animation equipment was once very popular in the industry from the mid 80ʼs to early 90s and was used in the TAIS studio to create animated workshops with children. The workshops were immensely popular because of the friendly and intuitive approach of the AMIGA operating system. Advancement in animation software and digital technologies caused the AMIGA to decline and become obsolete. For this special project the Toronto Animated Image Society intends to return to the roots of digital culture, utilizing old aesthetics and generating critical discourse by uniting the old technology with new intuitive manipulations to create exciting experimental animated projects and explore its insertion in a gallery space.
(Source: Hello Amiga Website)