SHORTS - "Brave New Old" by Adam Wells

Adam sent me a message yesterday via my personal Vimeo account, because of my view list, to see if I'd be interested in watching his film.  I'd already watched it via a link from the Cartoon Brew post about it, but I guess I wasn't signed into my Vimeo account at the time so it wasn't listed.  So, I signed into my account, watched it again, and hit the like button.  I also messaged Adam to see if there was a Canadian connection to his film that I could post about on the blog.  As it turns out - there is.

This is what Adam said:
"Yes infact it does have a Canadian connection - I am from London where the queen lives, and I believe that she is also the queen of Canada!"
So, without further ado, here is Adam Wells' short Brave New Old.

Brave New Old from Adam Wells on Vimeo.