SCREENINGS - Secret North American Premiere for ParaNorman

On July 5th, 2012 there was a secret and unofficial North American premiere of ParaNorman at the Scotiabank Theatre on Richmond St. in Toronto.  

ParaNorman is a stop-motion film produced by LAIKA, the animation production house behind Coraline, and it's one of the most highly anticipated animation films to be released in 2012.  The stop-motion animation in this film takes the art form to a whole new level in terms of squash and stretch.  The secondary action the animators have put into their work with the puppets is flat-out astounding.  

I'm not supposed to say anything about the story, but I can say that for a major release it is edgy and quite apt for 2012.  Don't miss this film and make sure you see it in theatres, not just because it looks better, but because it will help guarantee that smaller studios like LAIKA, who are taking risks to push artistic boundaries will continue to be able to get the financing to make films like ParaNorman and Coraline.  

Packed house at Scotiabank Theatre for the secret July 5, 2012 screening of ParaNorman
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation)

Introduction to the film where we're told we are the first theatrical audience to view ParaNorman
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation)

Audience members looking for non-reserved seating at July 5, 2012 ParaNorman screening in Toronto, Ontario
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation)