FESTIVALS - Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival Awards List

The 2012 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival  Awards List 

The fourth edition of the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival (MSMFF) was a great success!  There were a record number of people in attendance for both the screenings and the talks as well as a talented roster of guest speakers and high quality films from around the world.

Here is the official list of awards from the 2012 edition of MSMFF

     Professional Film Category
     Bydlo by Patrick Bouchard, Canada

     Professional Film Category 
     (under a minute)
     Sony Made of Imagination by W. Anderson & M. Gustafson, USA

     Independent Film Category
     Pushkin by Trevor Hardy, UK

     Academic Film Category
     I Am Tom Moody by Ainslie Henderson, UK

     Audience Choice Award
     My Strange Grandfather by Dina Velikovskaya, Russia

The festival invites you join them next year as they celebrate their 5th anniversary on October 18, 19 and 20th, 2013.


The 2012 MSMFF trailer makes reference to many classic Stop Motion films.  Test your knowledge of the art form and see how many can you spot! 
The production team behind this amazing film:
Directors: Luc Chamberland and Pierre M. Trudeau,
Animators: Pierre M. Trudeau and Luc Chamberland,
Assistant Animator: Claire Brognez,
Compositor: Jean-Francois Levesque,
Assistant Compositor and Graphics: Marie Bloch Lainé,
Sound Design and Mix: Luigi Allemano,
Original Music: Luigi Allemano,
Assistant Sound Editor and Foley Artist: Jennifer Tannahill,
Producer: Elène Dallaire,
Muse: Erik Goulet
Special guest appearance by Marie-Pierre Longpré. 
Media Sources: MSMFF Press Releases