FUNDRAISING - John K. has started his first Kickstarter project!

John Kricfalusi screening animation for fans at his 2012 TAAFI Keynote Presentation
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation)
Ok, so John K. has started his first Kickstarter project and it looks pretty kick ass.  No, like actually amazingly kick ass.  The story is based on his early life with his father who was always looking to save money where he could.  Instead of buy regularly priced canned goods his dad would buy the mystery cans at the back of their Loblaws (Loblaws is a Canadian grocery chain - they're the folks behind the President's Choice food brand, which is a personal favourite for me - especially their PC Organics line).  John's dad bought these cans because they had been marked down to several cents per can due to transport damage,  because all the labels had been removed you never knew what you were going to get.  Apparently John's dad promised peaches each time, but from the sounds of it peaches were never discovered, and they had to eat whatever was inside... cat's bits, random animal bladders, you name it.  Anyway, I'm going to pledge money to this project and you should too.  Here's to online distribution and independent creators having the power to produce their own works if they choose to do so!

John K.'s kickstarter page is here: