ARTICLES - Canadian Animation Festival Event Coverage

Ok, I want to give a special thanks to Barnabas Wornoff, Ben McEvoy, and Rich Duhaney (TAAFI 2012 Board of Directors).  Their positive attitude and helpful nature throughout the Toronto Animated Arts Film Festival International was amazing and helped me provide the best coverage for the artists and participants that I've been able to do so far.  I've been working at perfecting the art of animation festival coverage since 2010 when I started out with the idea at OIAF. The concept was that if I covered animation festivals on my site it would aid the Canadian animators at the festivals get noticed here at home as well as internationally.

The idea started with registering the domain, which I did in May of 2008, as that domain name would naturally be able to quickly rise in search engine rankings for the search "Canadian Animation".  I put up a fairly rudimentary site at the time and watched the SEO feedback from the site. In 2010, after moving from one site design to another, I paid for a professional site design and prepared to go to animation festivals and interview animators and animation fans so I could connect people who searched for Canadian Animation content not only with the content, but also the people producing it.  I feel the whole process is going to culminate in a couple months when the new WordPress site goes fully live and I can start posting animator profiles on the site.  The idea being that when people search "Canadian Animation" they will be two clicks away from discovering the vast wealth of Canadian talent behind the animation we produce here in the great white north.  If you're an animator, musician, voice actor or otherwise involved in producing animation and would like a profile set up you can email me (my contact info is on the Contact Page on this Blog) in September 2012 when I'll be ready to start posting the profiles.

I also have to give a special thanks to Erik Goulet, Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival and Joseph C. Chen, Waterloo Festival for Animate Cinema, who were instrumental in keeping me energized early on in this process by connecting me with the amazing animators they had attend their festivals.  My personal favourite is the Patrick Boivin interview, Patrick is one of my animation heroes, and an early inspiration in my own stop-motion animation endevours.  That being said - I have to also mention, Madi Piller, TAIS!, who has also been amazing and enthusiastic in participating as well as setting up interviews such as the one I conducted with Joseph Gilland after his Special Effects workshop put on by TAIS! and the NFB.

Ok, I'm going to stop rambling now.  I hope you've enjoyed the TAAFI 2012 festival event coverage so far!


This picture was taken on July 8, 2012, and documents the first time I was able to edit and upload a Canadian Animation video before the event wrapped up.    
(Photo Credit: Grayden LaingCanadian Animation)