EVENTS - TAIS! Showcase 2012

The 2012 TAIS! Showcase was last night and the theatre at the NFB was packed.  The films screened were a great mix of experimental and story based.  One of the highlights of the night was Mack Carruthers's Snowdrifter, which has a great twist to it.  Mark's film went on to become the 2012 TAIS Official Showcase selection.  You can check out the film below.

This is a story of an adorable snowman, wandering alone in the arctic wastes...

Mack Carruthers Mary Shwareh
Mack Carruthers and Mary Shwareh
During the event I got a chance to meet Patrick Jenkins who also had a film,  Sorceress, in the showcase.  Patrick got in touch with me via the site several months ago and it was great to get a chance to meet him in person.  Sorceress is filled with epic shots and follows conventional horror tropes à la hitchcock.  Patrick's use of positive/negative space in the film and the audio that accompanies it are particularly noteworthy.  To me, the film has a truly Canadian feel harkening back to the earlier NFB films.

patrick jenkins
Patrick Jenkins
Sorceress by Patrick Jenkins screening at the NFB
Madi Piller giving Berdene du Toit a hug after Berdene won the Technical Difficulties Anijam Division 
Drawing tickets for door prizes
One of the door prize winners receiving a gift donated by Silver Snail Comics