FESTIVALS - TAAFI Poster at the Silver Snail Comic Book Store

If you happen to be passing by the Silver Snail Comic Book shop on Queen St. in Toronto in the next week you'll be rewarded by seeing the massive TAAFI 2012 poster that they currently have in their window. If you don't make it there in time, here are some pics for posterity that I snapped with my iPhone.

I was riding by on my bike so I featured it in the second wide angle photo.  I'm quite fond of this bike and you'll probably notice it happens to be a Supercycle.  This purchase was made because I had two bikes stolen within a month of each other after I first moved to Toronto.  I settled on purchasing a Supercycle as my third bike because I figured it would probably not be a thief's first choice and after three years or so I can happily say that theory has proven itself to be true.  So, if you're in Toronto, and want a bike that says "I'm not worth the risk of being stolen", buy a Supercycle.  If that's not a good and honest plug for the Supercycle I don't know what is!

Anyway, bicycles aside, there is also a TV displaying promo material for the festival, so go check it out before it disappears for eternity!  You have approximately seven days left as of this posting.


2012 TAAFI Poster at Silver Snail 
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation)

Silver Snail Comics 2012 with TAAFI 2012 Poster in Display Window
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation)