PHOTOS - Anime North 2012: This Weekend!

Well, it's that time of year again.  Anime North time!  May 25th-27th should be one of the best weekend's of the year with the amazing program that the staff at Anime North have put together.  Don't believe me?  Check out their site here: Anime North 2012

Anime North Cosplay

Last year was my first year at the convention and when I visited their website for the first time I was shocked by the lack of images.  They just don't have many and virtually none from previous years.  Well, maybe they do, but I've looked and I don't know where they are.  If you do a search online however, you'll come up with many pictures taken by fans over the years and what's impressive is the level of participation from vendors to organizers to fans.  Everyone loves this festival.  And rightly so - it's an amazing amalgamation of everything anime.  Even if it's something on the fringe of anime it will be represented here.  

Anyway, the festival has already sold out of animation weekend passes but you can still get day passes here: Anime North 2011 Registration

Still wondering what Anime North is like?  Check out the short overview video below that I put together after I attended last year.