PHOTOS - An Evening With Don Hertzfeldt, Toronto 2012

I just got back from TAFFI's presentation "An Evening with Don Hertzfeldt", which was a smashing success.  It's exciting to see Hertzfeldt's grassroots/underground/cult animation pack a theatre.  I still remember the first time I saw Rejected, which was while I was visiting a friend at the University of Guelph.  He had a pixelated low-res copy of it that he downloaded off of some torrent site.  Even with a poor copy like that the genius of Hertzfeldt's work jumped off the screen and into our visual vernacular.  Catch phrases like " anus is bleeding..." and "...I am a BANANA..."  would also soon become randomly timed outbursts at group events.  In 2006 I made my first online DVD purchase of Don's work from his online store in the form of "Bitter Films, Volume one, 1995-2005".  Today (thanks to TAAFI) I got to shake Don's hand, have him sign the cover of my DVD, and have him joke with me about his age and how on this tour kids are coming up to him and telling him that their parents love his films.

Don's latest work is more serious than the dark comedy that catapulted him to internet fame, but it's just as emotionally moving and highly worth taking the time to search out.  

I also had a chance to borrow Barnabas Wornoff, one of the co-founders of TAAFI, to do a short interview about the new animation festival he and his animation compatriots are bringing to Toronto.  I should have that up in a week are so.  In the meantime, there are some pictures from tonight's event below. 

Fans begin lining up over an hour before Hertzfeldt screening.  Temperature: -10°C.

Hertzfeldt fans file into theatre 30 mins before screening.

TAFFI Sign peaks out from behind red curtain, while Ellen Besen, Barnabas Wornoff, and Ben McEvoy turn to look.

Ellen Besen moderates while Don Hertzfeldt answers quesitons after the screening of his trilogy involving Bill.