SHORTS - "The Recurrent One" by Andreas Tapeton

Andres Tapeton has posted his graduation film from the Vancouver Film School on his Vimeo account and it is, in my opinion, a nearly perfect short animated film.  After watching it once I immediately watched it a second time.

I just went back and watched it a third to be sure of how good I feel it is.

I guess part of my enjoyment was because I have a dream/sleep/waking cycle similar to the one depicted so exquisitely in this animation.  I'll animate or edit for three days without sleeping and then when I do sleep it's this cool, welcoming, all encompassing sensual experience.  Occasionally when my sleep cycle is really off I'll wake after only a couple hours of sleep, mix NeoCitran into a warm cup of water and drink it while walking outside in the sun.  The warm rays of the sun will radiate through my body and explode like beautiful fireworks leaving my skin tingling.  That point is the perfect note on which to fall back into bed on.  This animation was the near perfect visual depiction of that.

From a more objective point of view the sound design was the perfect counterpoint to the animation.  It stayed in the background and complimented the visuals while allowing the animation to take center stage.  The timing on the animation made each animated sequence palpable whether it was the retimed jumps or the slow almost molasses like daylight scenes.  I can still feel each jump now and I watched the film about fourty minutes ago.  

Anyway, long story short, I really enjoyed this film and hope you do as well.

I discovered it during a late night internet excursion to this Cartoon Brew posting: