SHORTS - Animation about Genetically Modified Alfalfa

Stop Genetically Modified Alfalfa
When I was at the Guelph Organic Conference last weekend I ran into Tarrah Young and Nathan Carey who run Green Being Farm just outside of Neustadt, Ontario.  I went to Tarrah's workshop on how to convert a swimming pool into a root cellar, which also detailed the many other materials you could use to build an efficient and cost effective root cellar. 

Nathan is a talented Canadian animator who, several years ago, gave me advice on what books to buy when I was first getting into animation (the two books he recommended were The Animator's Survival Kit and The Illusion of Life - they're now in my ever expanding library on animation).

Anyway, when I was talking to Nathan he mentioned that he had been working on an animation project with CBAN through Smiley Guy Studios.  It turns out I'd already seen the animation at the CBAN conference booth and I have to say it was a great piece of animation supporting the campaign to stop genetically modified alfalfa.