PODCASTS - Guys With Pencils are Kicking Ass

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The Guys With Pencils podcast is still kicking ass and taking names.  I discovered the podcast, which is produced by Adam Hines and Andrew Murray, back in September when I'd just been hired to help shoot a new show and it instantly became a staple in my podcast Rolodex while crisscrossing Canada and the US for three and a half months.

Adam and Andrew have some really great guests join them on most of their shows, but even when it's just them chatting back and forth I find the podcast interesting and motivating.  I think the main thing I like about the podcast is that Andrew and Adam stay positive about the animation/comic/gaming topics they discuss (aside from in episode 41 when Adam talks about his apartment getting flooded and Andrew talks dirt about the Tin Tin movie - but I'd say both are pretty understandable...).  It's really easy for people to create or parrot negative opinions about discussion topics and I feel that they make a conscious effort to avoid that - so that's refreshing.

Anyway, if you're looking for some great interviews with a positive outlook on animation by the people producing it check out the Guys With Pencils podcast.