WEB SERIES - Goodwin vs. Badwin

Goodwin vs. Badwin is a new mini series from Mondo that just premiered on YouTube.  As anyone who has made animation for an adult audience knows, isn't easy, especially when you're releasing it online where the revenue streams are generally smaller than what you'd get in a broadcast environment.  That being said, with a web release you have the ability to be more creative because there's less money on the line, which (hopefully) means less involvement from broadcast execs types who are afraid of offending/alienating audience demographics.  So here's to Goodwin vs. Badwin pushing some boundaries and getting some laughs!  If it can be as consistently funny as Dick Figures (another relatively new mondo mini show) I'm going to be stoked.

There's Canadian talent behind Goodwin vs. Badwin in the form of creative folks from both Style5 and Loogaroo.  You can read more about the show in the press release Canadian Animation Resources posted.