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Update: Frame by frame controls are being added to the videos.  The first one is up here:
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Anyone working in animation knows how valuable reference footage is and how complicated it can be to get it.  Two animators, Martin L'Heureux and Jefferson Vieira, saw the need for a free website dedicated to providing animators with that footage and the result was  This website contains an astonishing amount of in-depth reference footage for animators.  There is a grid for perspective as well as multiple angles for each action.  I emailed them a couple quick questions about the site and their answers are below. 

Animation Reference Footage Clips from the Site
Where are you based out of?
Martin is now living in Berlin with his family and Jefferson is living in Quebec City. We both work on this project remotely.

When was the site created and how long had you been planning it?
The site was launched on August 15th, 2011.  I (Martin) used some of the material from the Principles of Motion series created 5 years ago. We spent a lot of time and money to shoot these references. We wanted to make sure we got as much variety of reference as possible. It took us about two months to create our website and of course, it is an ongoing project.

What are your long term goals for the site?
We want ReferenceReference to be as versatile as possible and to help many animators around world. We will keep on adding more and more references. We hope eventually to have a section for animals too. As you know, is free for everybody to use but, this project will need some help from our fans so we can make it grow. Donations can be sent to us through our website.

Were the performances captured for this site or for another project and then put up on the site?
The clips were from my (Martin's) Principles of Motion DVD series.

How did you get the performers to participate?  
We used a casting agent to find the talent. We made sure to look for great performers which we hired for their performances.

Who was the most interesting person to contact you as a result of the site?
All the animators that are going crazy for the website. It gives us the motivation to keep on going!

Can you step through the animation reference footage on your site frame by frame?
It is funny you asked! Daily, we are bombarded with questions and suggestion. One question that is coming back often is (When will we be able to scroll through the clips?)
Have no fear my dear fans, it is coming soon. Go back to check our site often. It will be there soon!

Is the footage downloadable so that users can import it into an animation program, like Toon Boom Studio, and rotoscope it?
Our video references aren't downloadable at this moment. But the users can use different kinds of software that are about to download FLV video files.

Martin  L'Heureux began his career 20 years ago and accumulated over 30 credits in film, television and video games. As an already established artist in Canada, he extended his passions towards the art of film by working for George Lucas at ILM. In 2000, his talents were honored with a Clio Award for the animation of the Star Wars Pepsi commercials. In 2008, Martin was also nominated for a VES Award as an Animation Director for the IMAX film, Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia. Martin has also worked as an animation lead for several video game titles which includes the highly rated Nintendo, Metroid Prime. His wealth of knowledge in the animation industry and his fascination with the mechanics and physics of human movement, led him to the creation of the human reference website ( His professional career outside of academia also includes giving animation seminars to schools throughout the world. 

Jefferson Vieira is a passionate Brazilian Animator who recently graduated in CGI Animation at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. He also holds a BFA in Cinema of Animation in his native home of Brazil, at Escola de Belas Artes/UFMG. His first professional animation production was on an independent video clip titled "Quando você se foi" which was shown in Brazil on MTV and several animation festivals. Later on, he went on to produce the animation film "Animato" with the collaborative work of 18 animators who live in different parts of Brazil.  More recently, he won a prize that sponsored the production of his first short film for cinema, "Somos passageiros...", done with the technique of drawing and scratching directly onto 16mm film strips. Nowadays, he's specializing in character animation. He used his experience with multimedia development to build the website


  1. Try our video player beta with frame-by-frame. Soon the whole site will be modified. Thank you all for spread the news.

  2. Hey animators!

    To implement new tools for animators we'll create a player for our video references that allows scrubbing videos frame-by-frame online.

    See our Kickstarter campain for more details:


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