ANIMATORS: Malcolm Sutherland

I just discovered Malcolm Sutherland's work while perusing the Toon Boom animation showcase.

He has a very unique style.  Reminds me a bit of the show Adventure Time.  Maybe they borrowed some inspiration from Malcolm.

The film I saw that hooked me was Umbra.

This is how it happened:  
I was on the Toon Boom website navigating to the Animate Pro tutorials (because that's what I watch on my Sunday mornings while making breakfast) when I got side tracked by the showcase (I just upgraded to Toon Boom Harmony, so I wanted to see what other people are making with it).  I saw the thumbnail for Umbra and the despair in the character's face totally hooked me, even though it had a runtime of 5mins and 24secs, which is ages in online video time.  Anyway, long story short I couldn't stop watching once it started and now I've Googled Mr. Sutherland and found a plethora of animations from him on his Vimeo and YouTube accounts.  You should go check out his work, it's more than worth the time.

There is also an interview with Mr. Malcolm on Motionographer