PODCASTS - Alt Animation Podcast

I just stumbled across the Alt Animation Podcast while browsing various animation blogs.

It looks like the podcast just started up in June 2011, so it's pretty fresh.

So far they're covering a wide range of animation topics in their six episodes and it looks to be a keeper.

The episodes are pretty long though, so it would be nice to have a chapter selector to skip around.  I tried to find the debate about Cartoon Brew Vs. Animation Magazine in Episode 3 to no avail, but the interview with Mike Roush in Episode 5 made up for it.

Check it out at: http://altanimation.podomatic.com/

P.S. One of them will be at Ottawa International Animation Festival doing interviews.

UPDATE: A Chapters section has been added to the podcast now.  


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  2. Hey thanks for the mention!
    They recently fixed the feature to add chapters so I am going through them all now. But I did do episode 3 first and the discussion about the fued between Animation Magazine and Cartoon Brew starts at 5:03
    Love the site by the way! Some great resources.

  3. Thanks for the comments and adding the chapters option. The bit about the Animation Magazine and Cartoon Brew fued was great. I missed that CB post and just caught up on it. Interesting debate in the comments on that one!


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