MUSIC VIDEO - "Hey Bully" is a rock'n rubber hose animated music video

Hey Bully by Lake of Stew
I discovered Hey Bully when I was perusing Cold Hard Flash. Click the link to check out their write up on it.

Hey Bully is a sweet sweeet rubber hose animation that harkens back to the days of yore. There are a lot of animation principles at work in this animation and it's a feast for the eyes.  It starts off perfectly with the sun bouncing the moon out of the sky. I love that the train is being fed 50's pastel coloured foods instead of coal while the majority of the film is in grayscale. 

Animation, colour design, characters are perfect and the whole thing is wrapped up with an excellent narrative to boot.  Bravo!

Hey Bully by Lake of Stew, an animated music video directed by Justin Nieuwland.

Justin Nieuwland – Writer, Director, Animator, Editor
Ian Westoby – Backgrounds
Andrew Holland – Animator
Bianca Siercke – Animator
Jamie Gallant – Animator
Jeremy Donovan – Animator
James Walsh – Lip synch keys
Joe Achorn – Animator
Philippe Tardif – Animator
Scott McDonald – Animator