VIDEOS - Anime North 2011, Festival Recap

This video is for everyone that was there. I crammed as many video clips into it as I could. If you're looking for Anime North 2011 pictures they're on the Canadian Animation Interviews Blog.

Anime North was quite the ride. I've never been to a festival that was packed with so many people full of fun and positive energy. The costumes are second to none. This was my first time at the festive and I was impressed with the breadth of ages and material it covers. Whether you're a toddler or in your elder years there are events and panels that cater to your age and taste. You like J-Rock? Raves? Arts and Crafts? Animation Panels? Manga Comics? Maids serving you tea? Improv Comedy? Getting Autographs? Watching Anime films? Learning to Draw Manga? Anime Wrestling? Fan Films? Fan art? Meeting anime artists? Buying Anime Figures/Costumes/Films/Posters? Learning Japanese? Anime TV series? Cosplay? Ice Cream? I could go on, but I won't.

You name it, they had it covered.

This is the type of conference you could recommend to anyone and you know they'd have a great time. I'll be back next year :)


  1. really nice video....
    add some more video's. thx for sharing with us
    Animation Institute in India

  2. Thanks for taking a look! More videos will be coming out in a couple days!


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