SHORTS - Patrick Boivin Does it Again: Official Cars 2 trailer in LEGO

What can I say?  Patrick Boivin is one of my animation heroes and he's done it again with the Official Cars 2 trailer in Lego.  So awesome and so slick!  Stop-mo is one of those animation styles that insists on perfection when you're working at the extreme end of the quality-scale like Patrick does.  If you don't get it perfect the first time you have to do it again and again, until it's right.

Disney, Pixar and Lego knew what they were doing when they hired Boivin for this stop-mo promotional trailer and I'm soooo glad they did.  Check out this animated gem in all it's glory and then head over to Patrick's YouTube Page to see the rest of his work.

Woolf+Lapin, Patrick's Agency, has also done an in-progress interview with Patrick and I've included that here as well.

To see the interviews I did with Patrick about his Stop-motion work at the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival in 2011 check out this Canadian Animation Interviews Page.



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  2. Hey Bale, Thanks! Studying animation and the people behind it is a passion of mine. I'm more a videographer/animator/editor than a writer, so it's great to hear positive feedback on this blog!


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