PHOTOS - Anime North 2011: Day 3 Pictures (Part 1 of 1)

Anime North 2011 was a blast.  I'm so tired my eyes are hardly staying open as I upload the next batch of photos from the weekend.  I hit up several more anime panels today before heading to the closing ceremonies.  The whole weekend has blurred together for me now.  I'm looking forward to getting a full nights rest tonight.

I also managed to get three quick interviews over the weekend with Benoît Cécyre, Mark J. Tjan, and the Iammathewian Project group. I'll be posting those interviews over the next couple of weeks as I get them edited.

All photos and video stills were taken by Grayden Laing.

Anime North Final Fantasy Cosplay

Anime North 2011 - Cosplay - Final Fantasy

Anime North 2011 Pictures

Anime North Final Fantasy Crotch Rocket

Anime North Final Fantasy Women

Motorcycle Joins Cosplay Group at Anime North
Anime North Pictures

Bad Ass Final Fantasy Sword

Prayer Time at Anime North