FESTIVALS - On my way to Anime North 2011

Ok, I'm on my way to the 2011 Anime North Convention at the Toronto Congress Center.  I've never been to an anime convention before so I'm pretty excited to see what it's all about.  I'm going to be meeting up with several friends once I get there.  They've already purchased my pass for me.  They had to wait in line two hours to get their passes, so I'm expecting a packed house when I get there.

Several other conference attenders are on my Bus as well.  One of whom has a mannequin head with hair in glued in a spiky anime style under his arm.  As others boarded the bus they made sure it was going to be dropping us off at Dixon Rd where it's just a 314 meter walk away to the conference.  

I'll be blogging about the experience over the weekend.  Check back in a couple hours for the first post from the conference.