PHOTOS - Anime North 2011: Day 2 - Pictures (Part 2 of 2)

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Here are more photos from Day 2 at Anime North 2011.

All photos and video stills were taken by Grayden Laing.

Anime Cosplay with The Joker, Poison Ivay, a Jester, and a fan

Japanese Rock Singer HiTT performing at Anime North 2011

Amazing Cosplay Costume at Anime North

Anime Princess and Fan at Anime North

Cross Dressing Anime Princess at Anime North 
Post Apocalyptic Anime Character Cosplay at Anime North 2011

Guren Lagaan Cosplay at Anime North

Massive Anime Fan at Anime North 2011

Anime Cosplay Group Shot

Iammathewian Project presentation screening at Anime North 2011

Anime Characters in Dealers Room at Anime North

Zelda Characters at Anime North Cosplay

8-Bit Character Cosplay at Anime North 2011

Dance Line at Anime North 2011


  1. I'm the deadmau5 at the dance line, in the bottom picture (leading everyone)
    My name is Evan Akey (just thought i'd tell you)

  2. Hey Evan, Thanks for taking a look at the photos!

    The dance line was hilarious. Nice work on getting everyone involved. Watching the dance line was definitely a highlight of Anime North.


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