PHOTOS - Anime North 2011: Day 1 Pictures (Part 1 of 1)

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My first day at Anime North 2011 has come to an end.  It was a blast and a half.  I'm impressed at the sheer numbers of people at the conference.  I've never been to a convention that has been this packed in my entire life.  It's pretty exciting to be at a place where the excitement in the air is palpable - especially in an age of general apathy.

Here are a bunch of still photos from the convention that I pulled out of the footage that I shot on the first day.

All photos and video stills were taken by Grayden Laing.

True Anime North fans don't let crutches get in the way of a good time

Packed Dealers Room at Anime North 2011

Loads of Anime Figures on Dealers Table

Scantly Clad Anime Figure

Sweet Looking Hand Guns

Anime Hand Guns Close Up

Another Scantly Clad Anime Figure (there were a lot of these)

Anime Figure

Awesome Cosplay Costumes for Anime North 2011

Kamen Rider and K.O. Explosion (pretty sweet idea) 

Political Conservative's Conference Attendees posing in front of Anime North Participants

who's been playing in the holy water?!

Animators of Tomorrow Panel at Anime North 2010

Anime Wrestlers Cowering in Fear

Free Hugs for ALL!

Anime Wrestling Performers