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Sublo and Tangy Mustard #8 - Roommate

Sublo has to drop something off at home on the way to a concert. Tangy Mustard meets his roommate Tito Scaggle.

Ryan Long as Sublo
Kevin Doan as Tangy Mustard
Jack Steinwall as Tito Scaggle





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OTTAWA & TORONTO SCREENINGS - "Todd and The Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End"

Dir. Craig David Wallace and Rich Duhaney
Production by Smiley Guy Studios
Continuing where the critically acclaimed cult TV series left off, Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End returns to Crowley Heights to find Todd, Jenny and Curtis grieving the loss of their dear friend Hannah, whose death may or may not have been caused by Todd's banishing of the Book. The three must reunite to fight evil when the Book of Pure Evil returns to Crowley High, bringing with it some familiar faces (Guidance Counselor Atticus Murphy Jr., Jimmy the Janitor, and The Metal Dudes) as well as some new foes, such as the Sweater Vest Beast and an Acidic Acne-Faced Teen. But these enemies are merely warm-ups to the final battle with their greatest nemesis yet: The New Pure Evil One, whose intimate knowledge of our heroes may ultimately lead to their destruction! Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End is loaded with the same juvenile jokes, gore gags, and satanic sing-alongs t…

INSPIRATION - "Tabook" by Dario van Vree & Tünde Vollenbroek of Studio Pupil

After winning the Best Animated Short at CineKink 2017, director Dario van Vree and producer Tünde Vollenbroek’s comical animation Tabook has now been released online. Tabooklooks at the subject of sex in a fun loving way, highlighting the taboo that exists in society around embracing sexuality.
While browsing the bookstore 19-year-old Gwen is unexpectedly drawn to a volume of kinky erotica, earning her disapproving glares from the other customers.
Director Dario van Vree has been directing animation since graduating from his studies at the prestigious KASK academy in Belgium. Having a specific eye for the weird, the inventive and the power of character performance, his work is characterized by clarity, humor and a love for paradoxes. Besides directing, Dario teaches animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy and is co-founder of the KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival.
Producer Tünde Vollenbroek is an animation graduate from the HKU and Animation Sans Frontieres, and is a producer at Stud…

INSPIRATION - "150 years Marie Curie legacy"


The 7th of November marks the 150th anniversary of Marie Curie's birth.
Voted the world's greatest female scientist, Marie Curie has become a global icon. To honor the occasion, the ESTRO Cancer Foundation is embarking on its first initiative - the Marie Curie Legacy Campaign.

Director : Marlies van de Well
Animation: Rob Wienk
illustration: Raphaël Bartels
Voice over: Agnieska @Intervoice
Music: Thomas Berlin 48k Musikproduktion
Sound FX: Lukas Walter
Producer: Stephan Vens

Trigger Happy Productions GmbH

We've been featured in the Rasmussen College list of "15 Awesome Animation Blogs You Need to Read"!

Special thanks to Anna Heinrich for including the Canadian Animation Blog on Rasmussen College's latest list of "15 Awesome Animation Blogs You Need to Read"! Check out the blog post to see the other great sites that are listed.

"I am Here" by Eoin Duffy and produced by the NFB

Starting November 5 as part of CB FestEoin Duffy’s NFBanimated shortI Am Herelaunches online simultaneously at Cartoon Brew,, Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook

(Images provided by the NFB)
November 3, 2017 – Montreal – National Film Board of Canada (NFB)
Starting November 5, Eoin Duffy’s award-winningNational Film Board of Canada(NFB) animated shortI Am Herewill be streamed free-of-charge across a range of online portals, as this flash-animated 2D short premieres simultaneously atCartoon Brew,,Vimeo,YouTubeandFacebook.It’s all part ofseason two ofCB Fest, a new short-film series offered by Cartoon Brew.I Am Hereis one of three films beingpresented as an online co-premiere withShort of the Week,which brings together acclaimed filmmakers, writers and web connoisseurs to offer additional insights and perspectives on these featured works.
In all, seven animated shorts by exciting up-and-coming directorial voices were selected this year, from five countries: Canada, Chile, Israel, Spain…

INSPIRATION - "The Postcard" by Device

2037. What a great year. It was the year when I travelled to Southeast Asia and I experienced things I will never forget. Luckily, postcards will be always there to remind us that the past, sometimes, is not so different from the future. Or is it?

Direction: Device
Art Direction: Device
Illustration: Device & Toni Sala
Animation: David Feliu, Device, Javi Vaquero, Juan Nadalino, Pere Hernández & Sebastian Garcia
Clean up: Rafael Andrade & Toni Sala
Original Idea: Device & Carlos Serra
Script: Carlos Serra
Script English Translation: Shaina Machlus.

Music y Sound Design: Device
Voice Over: Amanda Goldsmith

Special thanks:
BlackBox, Idea Sonora & Shaina Machlus